Sunday, August 7, 2016

How to use Class Dojo and A Classroom Economy

If you read my earlier post about Class Dojo, you already know how much I love it and why.  If you want to take a look at that post, click here.

I've already explained how Dojo works and how you can quickly and easily get started on a great way to communicate with your students and parents in a positive way.

Now I want to share with you how I use Class Dojo with my classroom economy.

When I taught first and second grade I paid the students with fake coins.  I didn't use dollars, but they would definitely save up money and end up having a good chunk of money to spend at my class store.

Students keep their money in these gum containers. I write their name on them and it's their job to keep up with their money. I do not replace any misplaced money. I tell them this at the beginning of the year and I don't waiver on it.

Now that I am teaching 3rd grade, I'm going to be using class dollars that my son created for his 4th grade class. I will also be using the change in addition to the class dollars.

Students have the chance to trade in their money and count it out, so it really helps them learn how to recognize and count money.

Students Earn Their Own Money

One of the great things about a classroom economy is students get to earn their own money. It really gives them a sense of pride and ownership.

One way that students earn money is their classroom job. I pay them each week for their job.

I pay them each Friday for their Dojo points. If they end up having only negative Dojo points, they must pay me.

Classroom Store

One of the first things you need to do begin collecting items for your class store.  I send a note home with parents during open house that explains the system and ask for their help in donating items for our store.

I have bins that have different monetary values with items for the students to buy. I also have a set a class coupons that students can purchase.  I print multiple copies of the coupons and place them in the store. Students can buy the coupon and turn it back in when they are ready to use it.  My students love these!

If you want a free copy of these coupons, click here.

My students shop about once a month. You really get to see who your savers and spenders are! This is such a great system to show students how powerful it is to earn your own money with positive choices.  


  1. How do you keep track when you pay them out? Do you have a sheet where you write it down? Or just look at screen, and pay them the amount?

    1. Hey Ashley,
      I pay them every two weeks based on their jobs and dojo points. I just started having my students keep their classroom jobs for two weeks. I then pay them for their jobs and their accumulated dojo points. After I pay them, I reset their points. I just look at the screen on dojo. I hope this was helpful!

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