Sunday, October 4, 2015

It's Fall Ya'LL

I don't know about you guys, but I love fall!  I get giddy on that first day where there is an actual chill in the air.  I also love all the fall and fall holiday activities I get to do with my kiddos in school.
Christa from The Little Log Cottage School  and I got together again to work together on a Fall ELA pack based on rigorous fall vocabulary.

I used to have a love/hate relationship with teaching vocabulary. We all know it's important but I struggled with making it fun, yet meaningful for my students.  When Christa and I started talking about what kind of products we wanted to put out there, we both agreed that kids need some access to great vocabulary that can be used in other areas of ELA, so in the end, it all ties together.  We did a large Back to School Super Sleuths unit based on back to school vocabulary. This was a great resource to use at the beginning of school while you're trying to teach procedures. You can find it here.  We loved how it turned out so we decided to do one for each season in school.  Our fall pack is smaller, but it implements our fall vocabulary into various activities that will allow students to hold on to the vocabulary they are learning.
My school system gives us a pretty explicit scope and sequence that we have to follow. Ideally I like  to do some fall activities mixed in with what my system requires me to do.  I found that easy to do with this pack.  We were supposed to work on fables this week, so I just added the fable that Christa wrote from our pack.  I also had my students use our fable prewriting page and writing paper to write their own fables.  Instead of doing the vocabulary from our Wonder's reading story, I used the vocabulary from our pack. Ideally this pack could be used for about two weeks.

The next week, I added the nonfiction genre activities while adding the rest of our vocabulary.  During the second week, I added the different types of sentences sort and vocabulary scoot. I wrapped up the two week pack with the reader's theater.  

For me it's sometimes difficult to make sure that I am following what I'm required while still finding ways to insert topics and themes that I enjoy into my daily instruction.  This pack has allowed me to continue to use my district's scope and sequence, while also introducing my students to rigorous fall vocabulary.  
I'm off to enjoy my fall break with my boys! 


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