Friday, July 31, 2015

I Took the Challenge to: Turn My Beliefs into Actions

Hello everyone!   I just finished up a an amazing two day training that our district puts on every year. We are really blessed to have the opportunity to learn from some of the best educators from across the country.  I don't know about you, but I always leave these trainings so excited and jazzed about what I'm going to immediately implement into my classroom this year.  I make tons of additions to my "to do" list, I tell my husband about all the amazing things I learned (he's very sweet and always listens and asks questions), and I start researching all of the cool websites I was shown. Then, I go to work in my classroom, I begin my school's inservice, and I have to plan for the first week of school.  What usually happens in my new "to do" list I made at our trainings gets lost in the shuffle of all of my old "to do" lists. Well, this year will be different!  I've made the commitment to myself and my students that I will implement what I found to be the most beneficial to make their classroom the place they want to be!
This Blog Hop about turning our beliefs into action couldn't have come at a better time!  Whenever someone asks me my beliefs in teaching, I always have the usual ones that everyone else has, but this challenge has really inspired me to dig deeper and go beyond the obvious beliefs and find out what are the ones that I get most passionate about. 

I've been working on coming up with my beliefs all week long.  It's a little more difficult that I thought it would be! Here's the "short" list of my education beliefs:

Taking the time to sit down and make an actual list of my beliefs has been eye opening for me.  I strive to do these things each day.  Somedays are better than others, but I plan on hanging this list up by my teacher desk to help keep me on track.  

I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to participate in this Blog Hop. I can't wait to read and be inspired by all the other great teacher's beliefs.  

Continue on with the Beliefs to Actions blog hop by visiting Lizzie Clark @ The Big Kid's Hall to read all about her education beliefs by clicking here! Let's continue to inspire one another!


  1. All children can learn! That's so true! It's our duty to discover they way each child learns!

  2. We definitely need to always be ready to learn! And I agree, I believe that all children can learn too! :)

  3. We definitely need to love them as our own! We need to treat them with the same love and respect we want our own kiddos treated with! Love your post!

  4. Thanks so much everyone! This was such a great post to write.

  5. Music and movement is great! Especially for those vital breaks to give your students a break and bit of fun!

    Teaching Autism

  6. Replies
    1. Me too! It is so important to build a great classroom community!

  7. We know first hand you put these beliefs in action. Love your blog by the way! Isabela has such fond memories of second grade, and you really helped her blossom.